Sip, Savour, and Energize: How Vietnamese Coffee Became an Essential Part of the Cafe Culture

Bold, rich, and incredibly full-bodied – these are just a few words that come to mind when describing Vietnamese coffee. With its distinct brewing method and unique flavour profile, it’s no wonder that this caffeinated delight has carved a special niche for itself in the global cafe culture.

Vietnamese coffee and the cafe culture


Coffee was introduced to Vietnam in the mid-19th century by French colonists and rapidly became ingrained in Vietnamese culture. The country’s central highlands provided an ideal climate for coffee cultivation, fostering a booming industry. Over time, unique Vietnamese coffee styles emerged, such as the strong and distinctive robusta based brews.

The coffee culture in Vietnam is not just about the beverage itself but also the manner in which it is enjoyed, often at a leisurely pace in local cafés. The traditional Vietnamese coffee drip filter (phin), sweetened condensed milk (cà phê sữa đá), and the egg coffee (cà phê trứng) are all hallmark elements of this rich coffee heritage.

Today, Vietnam is one of the world’s largest coffee exporters, and its coffee culture remains a proud emblem of national identity.

The rise of Vietnamese coffee across the globe

With its status as a top coffee exporter, Vietnam exports not just a diverse selection of coffee beans, but also its unique coffee culture worldwide. This has led to an increase in Vietnamese coffee shops in major cities, where a wider audience is now experiencing the distinctive flavours and cherished traditions of Vietnamese coffee.

The surge in popularity of Vietnamese coffee goes hand in hand with the rising appreciation for Vietnamese cuisine. As more people savour the flavours of Vietnamese dishes, their interest naturally expands to include Vietnam’s signature coffee, further enriching their cultural palate.

Social media’s influence has also been pivotal in catapulting Vietnamese coffee to international fame. The allure of its unique presentation and preparation techniques shared through vibrant photos and compelling stories has captured the imagination of audiences everywhere, adding to its global appeal.

Vietnamese coffee shops around the world

Vietnamese cafes have become a global phenomenon, with their presence increasingly felt in major cities around the world. Capitalizing on the growing demand for their unique coffee experience, Vietnamese coffee chains are actively expanding into international markets.

Over the past decade, Cộng Cà Phê has exemplified this growth, blossoming from its local roots to an impressive network of over 80 locations across Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia, and Canada. This expansion is a testament to the universal appeal of Vietnamese coffee culture and its potential to thrive in diverse environments.

Vietnamese coffee: a cultural and culinary phenomenon


Vietnamese coffee has undoubtedly become a cultural and culinary phenomenon. Its bold flavours, unique brewing method, and influence on the global cafe culture have made it an essential part of the coffee world.

Whether you’re a seasoned coffee connoisseur or simply in search of a new taste experience, Vietnamese coffee is an indulgence that’s to be noticed. For those in Toronto, a visit to Cong Caphe Canada at 424 Bloor St W offers a delightful journey through tradition infused with modernity and creativity.

The menu at Cộng Cà Phê boasts an inventive spin on Vietnamese classics, ensuring every selection is a testament to the café’s innovative spirit.

Indulge in the signature Coconut Coffee Smoothie, a refreshing blend that combines the robust flavours of Vietnamese coffee with the creamy sweetness of coconut — a standout drink that has catapulted Cộng Cà Phê into the spotlight for Viet coffee innovation.

Or savour the classic Ca Phe Sua Da. It can be enjoyed warm or as a Vietnamese iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk, where the rich condensed milk complements the coffee’s natural bitterness.

For those seeking a taste of Vietnam’s tropical essence, the Saigon Salted Kumquat is a perfect choice for summer, offering a sweet and uniquely regional flavour from Vietnam’s capital.

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